Friday, 16 April 2010

Lightshow courtesy of Iceland

For everyone who has had their weekend buggered up by this I can only apologise. To everyone else, did you see that sunset? Steve's away walking and this evening is the only one where we have no guests, so the only chance I will get to take photos of the sunset whilst all this icelandic, volcanic ash is in our upper atmosphere. Silly to waste that opportunity.

2010 April volcanic sunset-2
This, as they say in the trade, is soc - straight out of camera. In other words, I took the photo and have done nothing to it in Lightroom. How amazing is that sky?

2010 April volcanic sunset-1
Sunsets need silhouettes!

2010 April volcanic sunset-5
Elland never looked better.

2010 April volcanic sunset-6
One with the wide angle lens - love how the ring road is just that when its dark and the street lights are lit, a big circle of light.

2010 April volcanic sunset-7
Sunset, sliver of moon and pole star? You have to look to see it, just below the moon, I have no idea if its the pole star but it is a star and not a satellite!

Post Edit: Have it on good authority that that "star" is in fact Venus! Thanks Mumx

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  1. You know, as unseemly as it might be, when I heard about the volcano erupting, I immediately wondered how the sunrises and sunsets look. And you answered my question beautifully, Debbie!

    To answer your question of me re: camera bodies: I was using a 40D and just received my 5D Mark II Monday night. I used the 5D on a session Tuesday and terrified myself with it. :) The friends session was taken with an original 5D and I feel the clarity and beauty of the images is comparable to the Mark II. The largest advantage of the 5D is the full frame. My 24-70 is now fully 24-70, not cropped somehow, as I was seeing through the 40D. I feel like my "really good" lens now performs at its full value. The clarity of images seems better, too. Disadvantage of the Mark II, the RAW files cannot be read by PS CS3, which is what I use. I have to convert RAW files to DNG or just shoot jpeg. If you have more questions, feel free to email me at


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