Friday, 27 May 2011

Its learn to fly day!

Absolute bedlam in the back garden now! This chick has flown the nest and is clinging onto the fence for dear life yelling to mum, dad anyone to come and help whilst other chick is still is the nest and resisting all attempts to coax it out!
Blue tits-14

Well don't just stand there - DO something!
He looks exactly as if he is thinking "well don't just stand there - DO something!"

Blue tits-15

Blue tits nesting in our wall

Steve called me out this morning to have a look at these and whilst my cheapy 75-300mm lens isn't really man enough for the job and because it was overcast quality isn't close to being fab but they tell the tale anyway!
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Blue tits-6
Blue tits-3
Tight fit
Blue tits-4
Blue tits-5

Can now see why some people spend thousands on super fast zoom lenses!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I'll be seeing you

The 1940's weekend in Howarth co-incided with my 45th Birthday, so we gathered up a group of friends, organised a mini bus and dress hire and hurtled back in time.
I'll be seeing you-2
I had rather hoped to look like the sort of girl that never went short of chocolate and silk stockings, sadly I looked like her mother. Note to self - you are 45, in the event of an Elland invasion you WILL be her mother!
I'll be seeing you-3
Lieutenant Chris Smith (American Navy) & his lady wife, Nu Smith who are expecting their war baby in August.
I'll be seeing you-5
Colonel Malcolm Campbell  (United States Army, 1st Airborne) & his fiancee, Kirsty
I'll be seeing you-4
Nurses straight from Pearl Harbour, Lyndsey & Denise - men died whilst they applied their lipstick.
I'll be seeing you-6
Brigadier Stephen Smyth, whose cap has been retired with full military honours.

I'll be seeing you-7
The marching band (unfortunately for all its linky do-dahs the Howarth 1940's weekend website is shockingly short on information so I can't tell you which marching band this is but they were Splendid.)
I'll be seeing you-8

I'll be seeing you-9
We were in good company.
I'll be seeing you-10
There were a fair amount of the over here, over paid and over sexed brigade out on Saturday, and several wives of British men fighting overseas who were clearly no better than they ought to be.

I'll be seeing you-11

I'll be seeing you-12

I'll be seeing you-14
The Brigadier said the Pearl Harbour Nurses were "damn fine fillies" which was nice.

I'll be seeing you-15
This young nurse however only had eyes for this rather dashing airman.

I'll be seeing you-16
These gentlemen are clearly appreciating the charms of this lovely land girl.

I'll be seeing you-18
You wouldn't think there was a war on would you? 

I'll be seeing you-19

I'll be seeing you-20

I'll be seeing you-21
A great opportunity for everyone to let their hair down in such austere times.

I'll be seeing you-22
Well, most people.  The hun didn't really go in for giggling and playing up to the camera's!

I'll be seeing you-23
Rumour has it this mother and daughter have a thriving black market business, but shh! Loose lips sink ships.

I'll be seeing you-24
Pearl harbour nurses putting their lipstick through its paces.

I'll be seeing you-25
I'll be seeing you-26

 I'll be seeing you-27
These ladies were quite clearly throwing caution to the wind.

I'll be seeing you-28
And Lieutant Smith was keeping a watchful eye on them, under the equally watchful eye of Mrs Smith!

I'll be seeing you-29
Brigadier Smyth was also concerned for their well being and declared them "damn fine fillies" and the whole day as "top hole, absolutely spiffing".