Monday, 23 February 2009

Family Day Out

Hauled kids out on Sunday and went to Hawes, Thwaite and Hardraw Falls although Em elected to go with fashion over warmth so is notably absent in photos as she was hiding in the car! Took loads of photos of amazing views all of which looked pants when I got home, have added one from Buttertubs pass just to prove there were views to be had even if this doesn't do it justice. Again struggling with the light, must remember to haul everyone out for a dawn family photo sesh at some stage!

This weekends results - had really hoped for some good light, Saturday started well but as we walked from Gorple round to the other reservoir it all died, it was blowing a gale and felt freezing so we had lunch in a little hollow, thank god for a flask of coffee! Steve was in his element so instead of drab landscapes had a go at "enviromental portraits" so this is Steve in his element at least!

Monday, 16 February 2009

My fave model!

The whole point of this blog was that it was supposed to make me get the camera out and take pictures more often - managed a whole weekend without taking a single one. Got flashgun and Gary Fong Lightsphere last week and managed to convince Em to sit still for long enough to take some test shots, not the most co-operative model - the other 40 photos had her pulling faces and one finger salutes but at least these 4 are ok!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Here goes nothing! First pictures on my blog taken of snow yesterday - spent 2 hrs and took over 50 photos and only 2 of them were keepers! Climbed over a crash barrier and slid down a hugely snowy hill to get below these trees and then messed it all up and totally over exposed 3 shots in a row, didnt notice til I stuck them into Lightroom and then somehow when I reduced the exposure and twiddled about a bit I liked the result, thats what I love about photography! The colour photo is as shot, with just a bump in contrast and a snip off one side to take out a telegraph pole - like the texture of the snow in this one.