Sunday, 31 May 2009

Family Photos

Steve, Tom, Digby and I went for a walk around the Himalyan Garden, which was beautiful, there were stepping stones over the stream which led to some great photo opportunities, I took the bridge!

These are the photos I like most of each of them

(My attempt at "impressionist" photography!)

I had some fun messing around with depth of field, really like how some of these turned out.

Today was the last day of Tom's half term and Em's week off work and as Steve and I were feeling guilty about going away last weekend and leaving them home alone - in spite of them promising that we had nothing to feel guilty about and assuring us that they had really enjoyed us not being there and that they hadn't missed us at all, we knew they were just saying it to make us feel better! So we decided to have a proper family day out - World of War craft was able to spare Tom for a few hours without the Horde suffering some hideous defeat (don't ask me, I just type this stuff) so we decided to go back to Harewood with a picnic. The weather was fantastic, 23 degrees all day with pretty much guaranteed sunshine, its just before 10pm now and the sun has just set. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to take loads of photos of my favourite people, even if they aren't always quite so thrilled!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The boatshed photo

I was very lucky to get this photo, I made the mistake of going to where the sheds were and started taking photos with out doing a proper scout round first, if I had I would have spotted this particular shed with the castle in the background much much sooner and could have worked harder on the composition. As it was I spotted it as I was racing after Steve because we had to get back to the car before the tide turned and the causeway was flooded, leaving us stranded on the Island for four precious hours when we had so much else planned! I had one chance only and this was what I got, minus a boat on the water that I cloned out in photoshop, I am very proud of it and can't wait to see it printed and framed!


Having grown up in Cornwall I sometimes get really homesick for sea air, sea views, boats, harbours, cliffs, seaweed the whole coastal experience! Northumberland delivered just what I needed. We were staying in Bamburgh which has a great swathe of golden sand, just a shame that its lapped by the North Sea and not the Indian Ocean - only very small children with no perception of cold could ever swim in it surely? We drove through Seahouses - bleurch - and out to Beadnell, which was much nicer. A couple of the boat pics were taken there but my absolute favourite of the whole weekend and the photo that I am having printed and framed as our Anniversary present to ourselves is the one taken at Lindisfarne of the boat shed. There used to be a thriving herring fishing fleet on Lindisfarne and old herring boats were used to make fishermen's sheds and they look fantastic.

Bamburgh, Northumberland

For our 20th Wedding Anniversary Steve and I closed the guest house and went to Northumberland for a weekend of relaxation, photography, good food, good fun and a bit more photography! These first ones are of Bamburgh castle, it was only when sorting out my photos I realised I had actually managed not to take any of the castle in daylight - oops, oh well good excuse to go back! These ones are from sun rise to sun set - Steve was thrilled at being hauled out of bed at 4.30am for the sun rise ones! To be honest there are only so many photos of a fairly mediocre sunrise/set you can look at so I took the liberty of having a bit of a play around in Lightroom with the sun rise one's, nothing that sets the world on fire frankly but if you are going to get up at 4.30am when you are on holiday then you ought to be able to get some use out of the photos!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Armitages' Photos

Just a few done on spec without a brief Steve for you and your colleague, so that you can see the sort of thing that might be of interest.