Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bamburgh, Northumberland

For our 20th Wedding Anniversary Steve and I closed the guest house and went to Northumberland for a weekend of relaxation, photography, good food, good fun and a bit more photography! These first ones are of Bamburgh castle, it was only when sorting out my photos I realised I had actually managed not to take any of the castle in daylight - oops, oh well good excuse to go back! These ones are from sun rise to sun set - Steve was thrilled at being hauled out of bed at 4.30am for the sun rise ones! To be honest there are only so many photos of a fairly mediocre sunrise/set you can look at so I took the liberty of having a bit of a play around in Lightroom with the sun rise one's, nothing that sets the world on fire frankly but if you are going to get up at 4.30am when you are on holiday then you ought to be able to get some use out of the photos!

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  1. Hi Debbie
    These are great, I would get them on 'Flickr' with a good set of 'searchable' tags then email 'Visit Nothumberland' and offer your photos if they revamp their website

    If you have time - I would also get them on


    so they show up on Google Earth and Maps (with your blog link)

    Loads of peeps are going away in the UK this year - I know I'm a geek but I spend hours looking on Google earth and Flickr for photos of beaches etc

    They are really worth a wider audience



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