Sunday, 31 May 2009

Family Photos

Steve, Tom, Digby and I went for a walk around the Himalyan Garden, which was beautiful, there were stepping stones over the stream which led to some great photo opportunities, I took the bridge!

These are the photos I like most of each of them

(My attempt at "impressionist" photography!)

I had some fun messing around with depth of field, really like how some of these turned out.

Today was the last day of Tom's half term and Em's week off work and as Steve and I were feeling guilty about going away last weekend and leaving them home alone - in spite of them promising that we had nothing to feel guilty about and assuring us that they had really enjoyed us not being there and that they hadn't missed us at all, we knew they were just saying it to make us feel better! So we decided to have a proper family day out - World of War craft was able to spare Tom for a few hours without the Horde suffering some hideous defeat (don't ask me, I just type this stuff) so we decided to go back to Harewood with a picnic. The weather was fantastic, 23 degrees all day with pretty much guaranteed sunshine, its just before 10pm now and the sun has just set. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to take loads of photos of my favourite people, even if they aren't always quite so thrilled!

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