Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Having grown up in Cornwall I sometimes get really homesick for sea air, sea views, boats, harbours, cliffs, seaweed the whole coastal experience! Northumberland delivered just what I needed. We were staying in Bamburgh which has a great swathe of golden sand, just a shame that its lapped by the North Sea and not the Indian Ocean - only very small children with no perception of cold could ever swim in it surely? We drove through Seahouses - bleurch - and out to Beadnell, which was much nicer. A couple of the boat pics were taken there but my absolute favourite of the whole weekend and the photo that I am having printed and framed as our Anniversary present to ourselves is the one taken at Lindisfarne of the boat shed. There used to be a thriving herring fishing fleet on Lindisfarne and old herring boats were used to make fishermen's sheds and they look fantastic.

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