Monday, 26 October 2009

Shooting models!

Recently spent an afternoon with Mark Skeet doing some model shooting training. Frankly wasn't thrilled with the results, alot of my photos were way too dark which is such a shame and Antonia and Jayne were stunning so no excuse for not getting cracking photos. I had a feeling things were looking too dark and should have reacted to that rather than hoping things would turn out ok!


On the upside Jayne has gamely agreed to let me have another go, this time using my lighting set up. Am off to the Leeds Strobist meet tomorrow eve in Leeds where I can get a bit more practice using my lights with some of the very generous and talented people that are part of the Leeds Strobist group so hopefully will have something good to post from that - oh and maybe this weeks self portrait as I didn't manage to inspire myself last week!

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