Saturday, 1 January 2011

More Wedding photos

Keeping text to a dull roar, photo heavy posts from here on in.

Friends and relatives please note that any of these photos can be ordered as prints, just let me know which you would like and I will sort it for you. As an example a 10" x 8" on matt paper costs 99p so wont break the bank if there are a couple you would like. Equally I can make up photo books, calendars etc using specific photos if thats of interest.

Gavin & Sara-3

Gavin & Sara-4

Gavin & Sara-5

Gavin & Sara-6

Gavin & Sara-7

Gavin & Sara-9

Gavin & Sara-10

Gavin & Sara-11

Gavin & Sara-14

Gavin & Sara-15

Gavin & Sara-16

Gavin & Sara-17

Gavin & Sara-18
Love this, taken moments after Gavin and Sarah said their vows - the relief on Uncle George's face is palpable and they both look so proud!

Gavin & Sara-20

Gavin & Sara-21

Gavin & Sara-22
Becky, I think you should have a copy of this one of you - I love it, it's just so you!

Gavin & Sara-23

Gavin & Sara-24

Gavin & Sara-25
Ness, I hope you don't hate this one - I think its lovely of you.

Gavin & Sara-26

Gavin & Sara-27

Gavin & Sara-28

Gavin & Sara-30

Gavin & Sara-33

Gavin & Sara-34

Gavin & Sara-35

Gavin & Sara-36

Gavin & Sara-38

Gavin & Sara-39

Gavin & Sara-40

Gavin & Sara-43

I'll put the reception photos onto another post.

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