Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cake and cards.

All about capturing the moment and not technical precision, although a combination of the 2 might have been nice!




 Excuse the state of Em, she and Chris were out til late last night and she is a bit hungover.  You will notice however that Chris managed to shower and get dressed it's just Em who has spent the day in her pj's!



Tom's watch is a combined present from his Aunty Ness, Uncle Alex, Grandma and Grandad and us - he was well pleased with it!

So just the final "dinner" photos to come.  The panna cotta have set and I have one spare, if it refuses to budge from the cup the remaining 3 will be served in the cup, on a saucer with a tea spoon - all eventualities covered!  Next up .... Steve takes on the lobster! 

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