Tuesday, 21 July 2009

iheartfaces entry

Yikes, never done this before!! Feeling strangely nervous, love the iheartfaces website and look at entries all the time but this week think I have a photo worth entering - Harley's dirty little boy feet, aren't they cute?

Harley & Harrison June 09-24


  1. Cute shot! How's the photog business in the UK? I always regret not getting into it until I moved back to the US.

  2. Thanks! Actually I think its behind where it is in the US, the concept of natural light, relaxed photography is pretty new here (thank goodness for blogs and bloggers or I would never have realised that you could base a business around such easy relaxed photography) - in our local area there are only a few photographers and they tend to offer the more formal portrait studio sessions so I am hoping this is going to work in my favour, not looking to make a fortune to be honest, taking photos and meeting people makes me happy and if I can make some money at the same time then great, but I can work it round the "proper" job that pays the bills so I am lucky, if having 2 kids, one husband and 3 jobs makes qualifies as lucky!!


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