Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Off camera flash course

Had a brilliant day yesterday on an off camera flash course - it started the day as a studio lighting course, which we got through in the morning so the off camera flash element was added in the afternoon - considering these are usually two seperate courses it was great that Gary, who was taking the course, was flexible - and generous - enough to tailor the day for the two of us taking the course.  And what's more he served as our model all day, poor sod!

This was taken using "proper" studio lighting, a blue gel and a honeycomb to create the "halo" of light effect.  



Still in the studio.

Then the studio went walkabout!  The one above and the rest are all taken with off camera flash - bloody brilliant results given the comparitive cost of the kit used, if you have a flash, some triggers, a tripod and, vitally, a light meter you could take these pictures.  I have now added a light meter to my shopping list.  I have secretly also added a Canon 5d and a 70-200m F4 to that list, but at around £600 for the camera and £400 for the lens I might have to wait some time for those sadly.

These last two are Gary's secret weapon in his wedding photo armoury!  Done well this effect is breathtaking - these photos really, really don't do it justice.  Am going to have to practice this.




  1. omg, the 6th picture (well, the penultimate one is absolutely amazing: gary looks like one of the cats from prison break! stunning photo. just wow xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. Lol thanks Liloo! When Gary does this for his wedding pics the effect is brilliant! xxx


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