Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Simon Pattison Designs

Had a fantastic day photographing Simon's work. Simon is my cousin's boyfriend and he needed some photographs of some of his vases for a gallery in Paris.  The silver bowls he is hoping to sell so needed some photos of them for that, they gave me the most almighty headache.  Photographing anything shiny and reflective is a total mare!  I spent 3 hrs and used all manner of tricks to try and get something half decent (Simon has been sworn to secrecy about how hopeless I was!).  We had a break for lunch and then I photographed the brightly coloured vases, which I love and they were fantastic to photograph. As you can see:





A photographer's dream frankly.  And then we took them indoors and things just got better!






And then I was inspired and decided to have another go with the beautiful silver bowls.
Silver Bowls, Simon Pattison

Silver Bowls, Simon Pattison

Silver Bowls, Simon Pattison

Simon left with 28 photos on disk ready for his website and to send to the Gallery in Paris and I was very pleased that I solved the problem with the bowls!

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