Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Celtic crosses & little bit of heaven.

Last of the Cornwall holiday pics.  Which is just as well as am off to Exmoor on Saturday for a few days away with Steve, I have been very lucky this year!
Was driving home from Minack along the coast road when I spotted a grave yard with lots of Celtic crosses, which I love.  Dad was very obliging and agreed to stop so mum and I could go and take photos, we have him well trained!




I knew what I wanted to do with this photo, cross lit and church in silhouette but I don't think I quite pulled it off sadly!

Then we headed back to my favourite place in all the world - Mum & Dad's house!

They have decorated the wall that runs along the path with souvenirs of all their holidays and its something my sister and I have joined in with, I love it! In fact the second wall hanging, the terracotta circle with the swirl in the middle (which my sister brought back from Spain for them) is exactly the same as the middle of the cross above, 3rd photo down. I have googled this to try and find out what the symbol is but can't find it. If anyone knows please let me know!


Its really quirky!

And their back garden, there is nothing nicer than sitting here with a gin and tonic listening to the seagulls and the helicopters from Culdrose flying over head. Bliss.


  1. I love your photos - these really inspire me to take more if I could get of my arse and do it! Thanks for these, I like your blog and its mixture of beauty and you, and whilst I haven't been about much I have popped in every now and again to see what you're posting about. Jan x

  2. Those black and white cross ones are really good and creepy!


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