Monday, 4 July 2011

Some more holiday pics

Cant get my act together enough to actually write a beauty blog post so will just post some more holiday pics. Its still blogging after all!
The bit of the hotel we were in was joined to the other bit of the hotel, down by the beach by a foot bridge.  There was also a pedestrian crossing.  Not everyone using the crossing grasped the Greek driving concept which is pretty much "get out the way, I'm coming through" every day by the pool was regularily punctuated by the screech of brakes as yet another pedestrian "assumed" the on coming car was going to stop just  because the lights had gone red, as if!
View from our bit of the hotel to the beach.
View from footbridge looking into Platanias.
The very expensive rooms in the other bit of the hotel had pools that run up to their terraces.
And finally the beach! 
Day trip to Chania photos to come.


  1. Oh wow!!! That pool look spectacular. Thank you for sharing these photos!

    I am off on my hols tomorrow so these are certainly getting me in the mood.


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