Sunday, 13 December 2009

Oh Tannenbaum! Christmas Tree Sunday - Hurrah!

Christmas tree day is a long held tradition in our house and one I love, but probably not as much as Em, who would make it her life's work to decorate Christmas tree's if that were possible! We used to have Christmas Tree Friday, but with the advent of Emily working full time and life just being manic this year it moved to Christmas Tree Sunday and was well worth the wait. This year we have a rather sorry specimen of a tree, considering Steve Scrooge always, always spends way more than he intends to on the biggest, tallest, bushiest of trees this year there were slim pickings so we got the tallest but certainly not the perkiest, bless its a bit scrappy looking. Have you ever had to put up to 4 baubles (or "ball balls" as Em text me recently!) on a single branch - we had to or we would have had boxes of spare decorations sat doing nothing, which is too sad to contemplate. Anyway I love it and it was an excuse to get the camera out as haven't taken a photo for weeks now - self portrait 52 has gone down in a blaze of apathy, I am hopeless. But have taken one today. Enjoy.
Self portrait and bokeh, does it get any better?!

Candles and bokeh (bokeh - blurry out of focus dots of colour fyi)

inadvertent self portrait

shame about the big splodgy out of focus red bow, draws your eye away from where I want it but I like the feel of this one so it stays.

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