Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas 2010

My absolutely favourite day of the year, I love the excitment, the anticipation, the pleasure of making and preparing lovely food for lovely people and the way the house smells delicious as a result. And I love that Emily at 18 is as excited now as she was when she was a tiny chubby little girl who could stand and gaze at the Christmas tree for ages and who's first sad face was when she came downstairs the night after the decorations had been taken down, stood in the middle of the room looked all around and said "all gone" and did a specially sad face, it was priceless. We actually had a long and frank conversation whilst prepping food today as to whether Santa's elves get Christmas Eve off, or whether they just up and start work on Christmas 2011, apparently this is a cause for concern for Emily!!
Em and Digby waiting for Santa.

I love cooking my ham, this time I have reduced the cooking liquor and am freezing it as stock for making soups in the New Year. Thank you Mr Ramsey for that top tip!

Slight cock up, made the pastry with butter, 2 egg yolks and self raising flour! Oops, so sort of squidgy but crisp too and utterly delicious.


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  1. This has made me feel even more Christmassy!

    That ham looks A-mazing!
    Also love your little dog haha he looks like he has a little character ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xx


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